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kling makes Christmas (trees) last longer.

kling cards improve needle retention on fresh cut Christmas trees.

Millions of kling cards have been used during the past 60 Christmas Tree selling seasons. You can provide kling to all of your customers with complete confidence knowing that your customers will be delighted with the longevity of their tree from YOUR farm and return to your farm or stand year after year for fresh, green, fragrant trees which have all the spirit of Christmas.


Place your order before May 31st and save a full 10% off your order.

NEW customers save an additional 10%

We pay the shipping charges on all orders.

As a former tree grower and NCTA Member I know the value of loyal customers that returned to my farm every year. Giving each customer kling as a free gift proved to be a wonderful way to say "Thank You" while ensuring they got a healthier, longer-lasting Christmas Tree.

Before you know it you'll be busy planting, weeding, spraying, mowing and pruning .... order kling now for the upcoming Christmas Tree season...and save up to 20% !

Supply kling with every tree.

At only pennies apiece you will find kling to be a valuable product to give to your customers with your thanks.


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