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kling makes Christmas (trees) last longer.

kling cards are impregnated with a product, that when absorbed by the tree with water from the tree stand, greatly reduces needle drop.

Briefly, kling delays the formation of the abscission layer that forms between the parent twig and each needle. Once formed, the abscission layer cuts off the supply of water to the needle. Thus, kling prolongs the water supply and improves needle retention.

  • kling is economical
    costs only pennies per card and we pay for shipping.
  • kling is practical
    When your customers follow the simple directions printed on each kling card they will see their tree stay greener longer.
  • kling is proven
    Millions of kling cards have been supplied with Christmas trees from farms and businesses just like yours for more than 60 years. Returning customers ask for the product each year.
  • kling is safe
    Cards are impregnated during the printing process. Safe for handling. kling increases transpiration, reducing a fire hazard. When use as directed kling is non-toxic and not harmful to pets.
  • kling in plastic bags
    kling cards are available in sealed weather proof plastic bags that can be used as price tags.

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